Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And now for something completely different....

Ugh.. harsh week so far.. BUT only one shift to go. YAY.  Each shift is a hard slog atm, I'm tired and insomnia is hitting me every night atm. Stress maybe. Though I have no real stress myself directly. Hmm

Driving home, was an unwelcome visitor of a panic attack, never had a full on one before.. and whilst driving on the highway was .. UM interesting. Oh yay. Just breathe.. and steer...  SIGH.

I need a break.

Today was dull, yesterday I said that and it all went to pot as things are want to do when you say out loud that you are bored.

Happier news some PUG clothing arrived, not the shirts I was expecting and the dresses are too small.... ATM. I have more work to do to fit into them. GRR... so .. I had chocolate and a coffee. Awesome.

Jenny Dress in turquoise and Black Harlequin print They go to 4xl in both prints... AWESOME!!

Jenny Dress in Neverland Print... ITS CUTE! AND ITS FLUFFY!! (OK not fluffy) 

Do you like them???? Next week I cant wait to slip them on.. and see how much more I need to lose. 

Can someone please re-wire my brain?

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