Thursday, August 14, 2014

Aussie Curves - Denim


And Another combined Outfit August with Aussie Curves.

I only ever wear denim in the form of jeans. I thought I would dig out the red denim jacket I used to have (I grew up in the 70's and 80's) but I had donated to to charity in the last clean up.
I have many many pairs of jeans from size 22 to size 14.. Of course the run of the mill 14 doesn't fit.
These are BeMe 14 so closer to a standard 18, well a KMart 18 anyway. I have been too sore around my back to wear jeans in the past week or so, but today they feel good.

This is actually a nightly outfit for work. The jeans are super comfy and don't dig into my rounded belly. The top is soft and loose and the boots are perfect for our winter evenings we have been having, and being CROCS (GASP) super comfortable. Being a 9 instead ona 9.5, I had to use stretch Spray on the toe cap to make them slightly wider but I adore these and NOONE guesses that they are crocs. They are even leather uppers. Total win.

Aside from the necklace, everything is from my overflowing stash of clothes.  Win!

Jeans  - BeMe 14
Top - Lowbrow XL from Ebay (I think it was $10)
Boots- Size 9 Crocs (Yes Crocs) from the web site (No longer on the AUS website but I found them again on the USA website)
Sunnies - dunno.. Ebay purchase
Headband - Modcloth
Necklace that I put on after the photos but wore out for the day EILH


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