Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aussie Curves - Everyday Style

This week is Everyday Style..

Alas my every day style has two formats..
Day shift and Night shift.. My days off also swing between the two so so examples of my two every day styles..

Day shift and warm days..

Oops this was obviously before going out
My usual style is dress or skirt with a belt. I adore large belts.. As I have become more confident, I have been slightly more daring in my choices. I adore Hell Bunny, Retrospec'd and Sourpuss. Such lovely fabrics and I am comfortable in my dresses. Easy to pair with a cardigan or put a coat on for winter.

My night shift and more relaxed style is Jeans and a tee- shirt

I usually wear a black shirt but I do have some other colours.. I swear.....I think

A lot of my tees used to be from Threadless but now, I am able to fit into rebel circus or sourpuss, I have some nautical themed ones that I adore. Being a lover of lighthouses and octopusses..I can now indulge. Shame nothing was made for me when I was a size 22. :-( 

The tattoo shirts  are from Cartel Ink and the nautical shirts are from Atomic Cherry in Brisbane.
(The Jeans are the the ones I had in the Denim post) All 2xl. . I did order some 3xl and they sent me some guys size..sooooo I have the Love a Tattooed Girl in 3xl men's size if anyone wants one.....Hmmmm

ANYWAY I love my tee-shirts and jeans so Comfortable

Thats my Everyday style.


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  1. Kazza the Blank One19 August, 2014 19:49

    Thanks for coming :):):):)
    I had a great time that night, and also on my birthday :)

    (I showed mum bubble butt on Wednesday too so she could see what I'd been singing all week :) )


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