AUssie Curves - Job interview

OO I'm lucky in that I haven't gone for a job in over a year. I was trying to get a country job for a while but as my chances are slim at best I have settled for staying where I am in Sydney.
If you can't get the job you love, love the job you have. Eh??

I have some suits that I now fit into ( I hope.) . All were purchased around 10 years ago.. All at a size 18.. but in reality I think they are 16 or 14.. I wasn't able to fit into them until very recently. Hmm
I usually wear pants and a blazer to an interview but as I have been spectacularly unsuccessful, I am happy to take suggestions for improvements. Just remember I am over 40... Mini skirts are out!

Tattoos are usually a no no hmm
Maybe a black skirt?
So.. I went through my wardrobe.. here is what I could rustle up.

Awkward with the jacket..

Well I would wear heels! I promise!


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