Sunday, August 3, 2014

Aussie Curves - Red and August OOTD

Combining two challenges in this post the Aussie Curves Challenge of Red and Leah's OOTD August. I have always wanted to do an Aussie curves weekly challenge but a week is so short by the time I get to it, it has changed to something else, Still, I stalk the blogs of the other challengers and I love seeing how that interpret the weekly theme.


I love red. My wardrobe is mostly red and black and up to now, little else. In the past few months I have discovered green is also a colour. (Who knew!??)

To fit into Leah's August Outfit challenge I found a dress I bought earlier int he year and never wore. It had been sitting on my curtain rod for ages judging me. Its beautiful and I do adore it but halter tops irritate me usually and with my back the shirring rolls down and my bra becomes exposed. SO it hung there being a pretty item.

Wanna see?? Of course you all do..

Excuse the out of bed hair and no makeup. When I went outside the sun nearly blinded me. Ugh. (Seriously.. today was a struggle to leave my blanket fort. Some days are a struggle still) 
The Hell Bunny Toto Dress. This is a size 2XL and I'll need to have a talented friend change the halter top to normal straps. When I bought this I was a size 20 and it fit nicely due to the shirring but with the shape of my back, the rolling occured. This is not the dress's fault. Hell bunny dresses with shirring are relaxed fits and the ones without are tight as. SO .. rule of thumb size down for shirring and up for no shirring. My waist looks small here! Awesome. :-) 

The belt is from Kitty Deluxe, I have these in almost all colours as its the perfect belt for showing my curves. I can't get enough.  The larger size fits up to size 22aus AFAIK over that I think it may be tight. I shop here all the time. They have an ebay store too. 

The cardigan is also Hell bunny, Paloma Cardigan. I pre ordered this from Ruff N ready in Canberra and Craig is always happy to help.I love that store.  Its plain red and although i have it in 2xl, it doesn't do up wihtout the buttons looking stretched. I have a cardigan in 4xl and I have the same issue. Just the arm length changes. HMMMM

I decided this ensemble needed a necklace so....

Tada! A necklace from EILH on etsy. I have reviewed Stina's necklaces here...

Ugh another stunned mullet look

Hope you enjoyed this combined challenge.


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