Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blog Every Day August Day 16

I would need to play the lottery.. I used too and I have won…. $1200.. Yes.. my mother and I used the most picked numbers and won $1200.. hahahaha we put a pool in.

But If I were to win a lot of money.. I would just pay my debts, my friend’s debts and donate some to charity. I have no need for more than my house. I would renovate the whole house!! I would have a kick arse shed.

I could buy back my mother’s farm. That would make her happy and we could afford to get farm help. She couldn’t manage the whole thing on her own. I think it still kills her not to have her land
Woosang Farm

A house keeper for new renovated house and maybe go back to my old job of flying people around. That was almost less stressful than my current job. (Almost)

I’m pretty boring really.. I have the need to work, so I have no plans to give up working.. it would be lovely to work because I wish to and not because I want to.

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