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What are your 10 favourite foods...

Hmmm 10 favourite foods...
I'm a lover of almost all food.. thats not a cop out, I really to try almost anything. I tried Arag and was scarred forever.... Now.. If my nose doesn't like it.. its possible that I'd need some convincing...

1. Dark chocolate
2. Peanut butter anything.. If you mix peanut butter with any other food then I'm there
3. Vegemite toast
4. Kangaroo meat
5. Steak - rare or medium rare depends on what we are serving with it.
6. feta cheese actually all cheese except blue vien (Allergic) 
7. Cereal, I love love love breakfast foods even porridge
8. cashews
9. Mangoes
10. tiramisu!!!!!

Can I have this every meal?



  1. Sounds like a yummy list. Have never eaten kangeroo so have no idea what it tastes like. Rare steak made it on to my list though :-)

  2. Oh sort of with you here! Peanut butter is soo good. Marmite for me and cereals are an anytime of day meal yum! You're on own with the cheeses though !

  3. Kazza the Blank One20 August, 2014 07:46

    She was ok. I did tell her she didn't have to watch the whole thing but she did anyway :)

  4. More cheese for me! BUt yeah ANYTHING with peanut in it or on it.. and I'm a gonner... Peanut butter timtams...with coffee... to die for! And Cereal! the perfect food.. :-)

  5. Kangaroo meat is low fat and high in iron BUT! Being a game meat, people tend to over cook it and then it goes hard like metal. You need to coook Kangaroo no more than medium rare for it to melt in your mouth.. We can buy it at the supermarket here.. its very common


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