Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blog Everyday August Day 23

A day in the life (let us follow you around)

Today was fussing around the house day prepping (sort of) for travel in Monday Am. I need to be on the train to Sydney in the wee hours of Monday. 
I have had shoulder pain so last night was pain killers, sleeping tablets etc. I slept 16 hours.. (Hey! ON sick leave!) and when I did wake up, I lazed around reading and catching up on the nights events. 

Up mostly driven by the need for food.. I had my packed brekkie.. :-) YAY my favourite.. 

Pikelets with fig compote and yoghurt. YUM!

Realised I had to do washing before travel and so.. no clothes!! Oh no! My outfit of the day was very housefrau... oops

Oh dear!

Of course, being Sydney, it started to rain as my washing finished so its having to hang inside.. 

I went for a treadmill run but later decided I needed to go outside for a bit.

outside wear

Alas it was raining and COLD!!! Damn it was cold.. the rain was cold.. the wind made my wet clothes icy.. BRRRR I went for a small run.. to warm up. My belly is getting better... I managed a lap and a bit of the footy oval. 
OK I can go outside....

Hmm its wetter than I thought

The oval seemed the safest place to trot around in the rain but there was one massive lake to negotiate and then a mud slide to slip through. I went home after 45mins covered in mud. Brrrr....

Waited for David to turn up from Canberra so I could have a shower...Its bandage change day..YAY!

Peeled the bandages off my tummy carefully in the shower ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
David built a fire and bought a pizza... there goes the calories I ran off.. Oh dear.. I am weak.. soo very weak .. thats why I'm a cuddly size 18.. ;-) Spending the evening watching TV clearing the DVR and trying on swimwear  before going away. 


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