Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blog Everyday August Day #7 - Linky

Day #7
Cheating as I will be having a minor op today and may not be up to it. SO This is scheduled.

Prompt -  What are your holiday essentials? (Clothes, products Misc that you can’t live without)

My travel companion

My holiday essentials are easy. My camera and my phone. I have had lost luggage and bought toothbrushes and undies so clothes and hygiene things aren't essentials for me as I just go native (Well local shopping I mean). (hahhha)
Following from the camera is a laptop to download my photos on to but I do carry a lot of CF cards.. (Always need more though) 
Another essential is data but I do cope with hotel wi-fi is I have to. Booooo..

Although I love fancy hotels, I can and do slum it and travel with the one pair of jeans and wash in the sink and €9 hostels. (The horse hair mattress was a little difficult to get comfy but it was a bargain.)
Funky Chicken Bucharest

Funky Chicken in Bucharest
The Dorm room that we had to ourselves @ the Funky Chicken

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