Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Everyday Day 13

Inside my wardrobe

Hmmm Well luckily I have recently (Sort of) gone through my wardrobe.. My dresses tend to end up on my curtain rods, the door ways or the bed but I have put a lot away...
Long section

Top Shoes Bed linen

Overflow and washing (Clean)

Spare room Coats overflow

Shirts, Skirts and petticoats

There you go. I am hopeless but getting better.

Picture of where you live.

The town? My House? I don't quite know what angle.. Lets see what I find in my photo roll.
Picton is a town in the Southern Highlands near Sydney. Its 85km from Sydney and takes 2 hours by train and sometimes longer by car as the highway that connects Melbourne to Sydney becomes a car park just north of this town. Ugh. The M5 as it is called at this point has to be the worst road in Australia.

The town came with the road in around 1819, as pastoral lands were discovered near Goulburn and the old road snaked around the Razorback mountain range. The Great South road was bypassed in 1980.
Picton is home to two rare types of bridges, both still in use today. Victoria Bridge off Prince St that is anow a one laned road and was closed a few years ago as vandals tried to burn it down. The Bridge dates from 1897. The Viaduct was opened in 1863 and still part of the Main South Railway to Melbourne today. It crosses Stonequarry creek which is a lovely spot to sit.
There is a tunnel that was in use before the railway was redirected and the tunnel is reported to be haunted but Meh. It was used for storage in WW2.
Picton Viaduct
The Stone Viaduct infrared and Stonequarry creek
The Cellar of the George the IV pub was used to store convicts traveling to Berrima prison. The pub is supposed to be one of the oldest building in Australia built in 1839.  The beer used to be brewed locally but due to gambling debts the family that had owned it from the beginning, sold out and the Sydney owners have moved the beer to Wollongong. Bah.

2008-10-12 St Marks Picton
St Marks 

Picton In Infrared on a bright day
The Main Street, used to be the Great South Road

Sunset series. Picton
Sunset at the Station

Up south XPT rounds Maldon Curves
Dawn from the Lookout. The Melb Sydney train passes

Picton's Entry sign

Thats some highlights.. lol. My hime is close to the station where I used to work. The town over the past few years has grown with more Sydneysiders moving in. What boggles my mind, is they are moving to the "Country" to live in the new townhouses built for them.. Hmm They even pay a fortune for the privilage. The new townhouses are all built on the old flood plains.. again... Hmmmmmm is the woosang hovel.
My shack


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