Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blog Everyday Day 17

Time Line of my Day.

Oh dear.
I am on sick leave so my days are not normal for me. I will give you a time line of my usual day using night shift as my example as that’s the shift I do most often.

1300hrs-1400hrs: Wake up.  Maybe lie in for a while depending on chores.

1500-1600hrs: Shower dress and get to the post office. I always collect the mail, it’s a compulsion. Weekends make me sad as the PO is closed. This is when I try to do my OOTD photos. As I live alone most of the time, I can only use the full length mirror. I do enjoy having the husband or a friend around to take outside pics…

1600-1800hrs- breakfast and catch up on emails this can actually take over an hour depending on amount of emails or social media.

Treadmill time or outside walk, and chores not finished gets slotted in here too.

1800-1930hrs – Pack my dinner and lunch. Catch up on tv or reading Usually reading
From here I fuss around the house and get into work clothes.. for night shift it is usually a t-shirt and sneakers.. for day shift, office clothes.. etc..
I then head off on the 2100hrs train for a 2330hrs start.

I am at work until 0608hrs when I run for the first train back home and get back to my front door around 0800hrs. IF I can swing the earlier train I can get home 30 minutes earlier. I then collapse and try to sleep for 5-7 hours.

Being on sick leave.. I go to bed when tired.. and get up around 9…ok still late, I have been lazing in bed for an hour or two and then up for the post office.

Breakfast just before noon.. and I get some chores 1400hrs ,I am in front of my computer trying to catch up on emails, replies, and blogging.
Blogging has been a life saver.. I have over indulged on chocolate, but keeping my brain and hands busy has helped immensely.

Treadmill for an hour or two depending on my mood. I walk now as my haunches don’t like the jiggling of running.. (Too bruised still ) but I love to go farther today than I did yesterday. The beauty of your own treadmill, is its set up for your height and weight..


From here I make a fire and watch tv.. or I go to bed and read..

I live a riotous lifestyle!

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