Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blog Everyday Day 21

What are your 10 favourite blogs?

Gosh 10!! Lets see...In NO order..

1. Just Me, Leah - A plus- sized  blogger who is totally inspiring. She lives close to the sea which, at times makes me totally jealous (Then I remember living at Bondi and I get over it)  Read her story through her blog. She has a terrific sense of style.

2. Anchors Away Beauty - A cute 19 year old plus- sized model with lots of style. She is simply adorable - On an August Hiatus.

3. Pin up On a real girl - Although not updated anymore, this blog is still a great resource to see how a pinup frock will fit. Its its older than Feb this year then had a browse and see what other ladies thing of the dresses and sizing.

4. Urban Ghosts - abandoned places, tunnels, rusting planes,, you name it, it is here. The photography on this site is stunning and for that alone you should have a look see. What is hiding in your neighbourhood?

5.F**k you Penguin - Again no longer updated and rude... but made me laugh at dark times in my life.

6. Ben  - Ok hassle this guy. A close person friend, he also acts as my brother, aunt and sometimes even mother. Someone who should write more and keep up his fitness goals. Go BENNY

7. TYWKIWDBI - Always interesting. From history, to nature, to everything.. its a smogesboard of awesome

8.What if? - A hypothetical blog.. what if we have this? or is this happened.??

9. The Other Crumb - Cooking! Yummy...

10. Fatshion Peepshow - Stina's Blog. She rocks.. Best Mum ever.

There are more.. like canon rumours.. and XKCD....but these are my first choice..



  1. Thanks for the mention! :D You used to live near Bondi? Jealous!

    I follow Urban Ghosts too, and will be checking out some more of these blogs! <3

  2. Hahaha i. Lived at Bondi. Right across from the beach. From my unit I could throw stuff onto the sand. It was a nightmare in summer as ppl are partying you have to try to get sleep for work. Or no parking as they blocked driveways etc.. I hope you find some that interest you. Xoxo

  3. I bet that was a bloody nightmare! It's no comparison, but every year Hastings is inundated with thousands of foreign language students. They're like noisy ants all over the town centre, but they bring well needed money into the town. xxx

  4. I love my tattoo shirts! No one else has them, least here here..:-)

  5. True, Sydney would die without the tourist industry


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