Blog Everyday in August Day 15

What destinations are at the top of your list?

Well frankly, at my middle age, I did most of my travelling whilst I was young. Very young. From the age of around 4 to around or 9, I travelled with my parents all over the USA, where I did my primary years.
I also did some schooling in France and from there, as a young adult, I vowed to keep my feet where they belong, on Australian soil.

I did my bucket trip to Russia, Mongolia and China in 2007, and this brought out my need to be home.

NOrth west of Nalajh Township

Great Wall

IN 2008 We went to Romania. Why? Seemed like a good idea at the time. It was late October, so we, well I had this idea of reliving my childhood and having a Halloween. Was ok, the short tour we joined was good and we met some nice people from the USA, as crazy as we were but more gothic than us two. Some lovely tours and the tour guide found us a car after the tour and even drove across the country to give us new plates for our rental car.
Alas, we struggled in some parts of the country and by then end we breathed a sigh of relief when the car was delivered to the owners scratch free despite the country’s best efforts to write the car off. (Read suicidal cows, bikes trucks you name it. ) One peasant, (He was!) even tried to arrest me for taking a photo of a church from the street.

Damned Traffic in Romania

For men who need the directions..

In 2009 I decided, on the spur of the moment to enter a running race in the UK with a supposed friend who was going to meet me there, so, husband in tow (Rather bamboozled husband) we flew around the world only for me to be stood up. He had never even entered us in the fun run. He was too afraid to meet me after years of conversing with me. I am now pretty cagey about jaunts, but an Australian, who we knew through a mutual friend, took us in and we had a great trip, until it unravelled at the end, this ended quite badly with both David and I having separate meltdowns, and me on the phone screaming at a poor travel agent and then in tears to a friend in Australia who arranged a hotel near the airport. Mind you, we loved having friends around and without Evan we would have not been able to stay for the 5 weeks that we did.

We swore never to travel away from Australia (Sensing a theme here?)

Tweetup on London
Impromptu tweetup

SO.. I had a trip to Thailand in a few days. I have no idea what is planned but I know I will want to return home asap and kiss my red earth.. (Its brown here but you know what I mean)
I travel spontaneously. Usually with a week or two’s planning and that’s to get a plane ticket.

I aim, one day to go and visit friends, if I can get on a plane without a person dragging me on or a panic attack.


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