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I have done a blog hop with Aussie Curves and they are an awesome group of ladies who have a theme everywhere and the hop links list below each entry. Its fabulous and I urge everyone to have a look. An example from my page is here..Alas it looks like I can't get the html to work. GRR

Leah from Just Me, Leah tagged me in a more manual hop so please have a look at her entry. She is much more organised than I am.

1. What are you working on?

On the whole I don't plan. I do have draft pages of lists for when I need to write something but have no idea what to write about.
Thanks to Leah, I do plan an outfit (except today) the night before and try to make sure I take photos whilst the sun is up. Being winter, once the sun moves to the southern side of the house its COLD...
All this is in my head.
So the only real project I am working on is the Outfit August and Blog Everyday in August.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?I don't have a genre. If I label myself then I feel the need to pigeon hole myself. I did this with my film blog, and although, I used it to write notes essentially about my film developing, having a dedicated blog to one subject got too labourious for me. I do have a rant now and again. I am unique and thats how I differ. Next week maybe my fear of travelling.. or how I hate being away from Australia or it may be about how awesome some reptile is.. I am fluid.. 

3. Why do I write what I do?
My brain doesn't stop. It really doesn't. I get distracted when in crowds by how I need to write that down, or that is a good subject or as with this AM, I sleep wrote about lighthouses and ships. (I may share some of it - I have yet to decide) the words had to get out and I had no option but to leap up and type like mad. If I don't write on a computer, I use a journal. I have been slack in this since I have been off sick, but at my husband's place in the country, are all my journals from the past 6 or so years. He uses them for reference as I tend to journal everything especially when I travel. Its a physical need to archive everything.. I get it from my grandfather. He was an author amongst other things. I am no author but the need to write is in me. Even if its crap.
I keep a few journals ready to go
I'm always taking notes
The fact that a few people take the time to read and even better comment, if only to say hi, thrills me to no end. (Hint hint.. leave replies!!! I adore them )
4. How does my writing process work?
Writing for me its totally organic. I sit and write. Its a stream from my brain to my fingers and I really don't have much idea what direction a post will go. A blog entry that I think will be about clothes will end up being about the post or my work. (Not to be mentioned by name as they will hunt me down)
 My closest people have had access to my writing/ramblings for years and it was through my writing that I had friends express concern for me and reached out. My mother-in-law, also a reader, reached out to me and made sure I was getting help. (Thanks Sylvia!)
Its a river running its course and sometimes you end up and a different destination to what you expect. 

Now its time to continue the blog hop: Add your link to the hop below if you wish to take part (If it works) ! I tag Ben (To encourage him to write)



  1. Thank you. Yes I adore Stina's necklaces

  2. Your necklace is rad!! I can't wait to get me some of Stina's stuff. I just want it ALLLLLLL <3

  3. Oh me too! But I adore that only I have these! Her postage is so cheap! I can't wait to see yours

  4. murphy scanlon17 August, 2014 16:35

    That tshirt is too cute & I get an amazing cruella-de-ville's-less-evil-sister vibe from your hair!! You almost lost me at crocs, but I've been suckered in to the website now!

  5. hahahaha thank you so very much! I wasn't sure about orange hair but I really like it now. It was red for so many years! As for crocs.. they have many hidden awesomeness...I Love the shirt, sometimes a cheap thing from the bay is a total win!

  6. I love grey with denim, it's such a great combination. Nice one.

  7. Looks like a comfy outfit and also, I'm loving your hair.


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