Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bruised and battered.

David wanted a sunrise pick. Insane person..  And rummaged as quietly as a stampeding herd of wombats.  Ugh... I rolled over and tried to re-enter dreamland.. 
I spend my early am with a coffee and writing postcards to my favourite ppl. What a great morning..  I got a summons to breakfast and luckily I was mostly dressed aside from a small wardrobe malfunction that caused me to change skirts at the last minute.  Bah.
After breakfast I went to post the cards and D went for bus tickets.
We did one loop around the island and partway along as a shingleback on the road.  The bus driver nervously moved the angry lizard to the side but the critter ran back on to the road. This is my department and I nabbed the errant lizard and he posed for some photos before I set him free in the bush.  He pissed on my hands as an appreciation.  Yeah thanks.
Saw lots of Osprey and some kestrels but not a lot else.  We went around again and this time...  David shouted SNAKE!  So I reacted as I always do but jumping up and racing to the door.. The bus driver was dreaming and David shouted SNAKE!  Again and this time the bus driver reacted.. Slamming on the brakes and I went flying  down the bus smashing into the bars near the windscreen.  I could barely move my arm.. But in my scramble I grabbed the camera and kept moving. The bus driver allowed us to shoot the venomous snake the dugite.  An unassuming  blackish brown snake.
There are three reptiles on this Island I had ticked off two in less than 2 hours.  Win.
We got at West end.. And walked down to Cape Vlamingh. Lots of King skinks so I ticked off the third reptile.  Ok I can go home....  Mountain ducks.. Welcome sparrows and new Zealand Fur seals. On the horizon were Hump backed whales and a pod of dolphins.  Mecca of wildlife
Caught the bus back to the settlement and spotted another snake but this bus driver wouldn't let us photograph it without glass.  Boo.
Lunch and I had a 16 minute lie down..  Mostly to tend to my blisters. Haha. Then off to the train for a ride up to Oliver Hill.
We did a tour of the fort at the top of the hill. Rather small when compared to other WW2 forts I have toured. Very interesting although I was distracted by the welcome swallows in the gun areas.

Hitched a ride on the train back and spend a lovely quiet arvo doing updates to my blog and journals.
Pizza night tonight! 

This PO Box is being removed on sat

Silly pose 
It's a big gun
More of the big gun 

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  1. Nice outfit and MY what a big lens you have! ;)

  2. Hmm, I kinda like the jacket actually, but I think I'm into matchy matchy so I like it with the skirt. I don't know... about tattoos, I kinda feel like you should subtle disclose that you've got them in interviews, but, I guess it depends on what type of job you're going for. :)


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