Challenge # 7 Legs and Feet

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Assignment #7 - Legs & feet. What's going on in your lower limbs? Do you love your thighs, or wish they were bigger/smaller? Do you have knobbly knees, muscled calves, tattooed or scarred shins? How do you feel about your feet? Are they dainty and as soft as a baby's, or like a cave troll's? (That'll be me with the latter!) Do you have full use of your legs? What great things have you been able to do, where have your legs taken you? - See more at: Leah's Body Positivity Workshop

My legs don't get much attention and I have the feet of a runner.. aka bad. Battered, my pins are riddled with marks, scars and one varicose vein. (My thigh actually). My legs hold me and and considering the trauma I have put them through in the past 42 years, the fact I can walk is a damned miracle. I am grateful that I can walk 4-5km a day. (When I do get off my ample arse)
I have tattoos on both thighs, they have featured on my IG. :-) Its hard to take a photo without too much um.... skin...;) My ankle has a running man tattoo that I got after a 1/2 marathon in 2003.

In 2008 I tore the ligaments in my ankle and David had to drive up from Canberra to take me back to his sister's place so I could be baby sat. (Thanks Stu!!)

My on crutches in 2008 (David's photo)

My legs have very dry skin and I was to suffer lots of itching that I scarred my legs by scratching. I also had lots of spots on ingrown hairs that made my legs red and angry looking. With me finally spending the money to laser the hair on my legs the skin has improved to no end. The hair was causing most of my skin irritation. Go figure.  SO up to this year, you would rarely see my legs uncovered.

City 2 Surf 2008
My in the City to Surf 2008
As I covered in my letter to my body, I had shin splints that caused me to break a knee cap and damage the opposing knee trying to save myself. . To this day my knees ache and I can't do squats at all. My knees creak like an ancient door when I go up and down stairs. When I was pregnant, my hips would click and pop out causing me to fall suddenly. Luckily since then I have not had a re-occurrence.  PHEW!

oops moved

My feet suffered through my running too. I developed swelling in my nerves in my feet and this means when I go too far, the toes go totally numb and shooting pains through my arches. I have to stop and it is days before I can walk without pain. The nerves are all scarred and I should get surgery on them but they work and I don't want to cut into my feet. I need them!!! As long as I don't do more than 6km I am usually ok.  Running is banned by my doctors but I do sprints when the mood takes me.

I dont have soft feet, like most women, heels have taken their toll too and left me with feet I don't like to have naked. I have a horror of thongs (The Australian use of Thong NOT the US one) and I will only wear crocs when such footwear is required. (they look like shoes not the ones most ppl think of.)

For this challenge. Here are my naked feet. They carry a great weight and for that I am grateful. Well done legs and feet and thank you.
winter wreaks havoc with my skin

Hellllllooooo feets



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