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Challenge # 8 Skin

Just Me Leah

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Assignment #8 - Skin. How do you feel about your skin as a whole? Is it soft, rough, or does it vary from area to area? Are you scarred, burned, tattooed, freckled, or do you have age spots anywhere? Are you wrinkly anywhere, and if so how do you feel about that? What about the non-aesthetic aspects. Think about your skin as a sensory organ - all the pleasure it provides. - See more at:Leah's Body Positivity Workshop

My skin.

My skin is white... very very white. I live my life in semi darkness, my work is dark, like a cave and even in previous jobs, I have been a night owl and worked the night shift most of the time. I glow in the dark

You would think, being an Aussie, I would like the sun, but it gives me migraines. The sun saps my strength and I feel weak. SO I have white skin.
I have even gotten sunburnt in the UK much to the amusement of my Australian friends. HA.
Left Hip

My right arm is darker due to driving buses and trucks for years.
 My back, arms and thighs have tattoos. I adore my tattoos and have many more planned now. My whitness makes me a blank canvass.

Before my big back piece was started

2007-06-15_1826-07 Yvonnes new tattoo
The arse tattoo....Rarely seen, like the platypus

At certain times of the month, my skin returns to its teenage years which drives me mental, and I get flare ups of all over itching. My very dry skin is prone to being extremely itchy. A minor form of eczema but it really gets bad when I am highly stressed. I scratch at myself and even dig holes into my skin. Sigh. Only thing I can do is cocoa cream and avoid highly perfumed shower gel.
Edit/Update: It seems I have a sensitivity to sugar of all things. I had two tim tams and then later in the evening a cream bun and hives appeared all over my body within 30 minutes. I was at work and all I could do was try not to dig holes into my skin and scalp.
My face had a dry patch that is red and I need to cover up a lot of the time.
Right Thigh
My skin is soft and highly sensitive, having my back stroked is highly pleasurable. On the flip side, if you touch my right hand side you will likely get my fist in your face.  Well not that violent, but I will be very upset and its possible you will be hurt in my efforts to get away. Its not pleasurable at all to be touched there. Even my surgeon apologised when he touched me there accidently.
Back Piece stage 1

Left Thigh

Thats my skin. It keeps my insides in and the outside nasties out. For the most part I don't complain except the itchy thing.... Can I have no more flare ups??? Thanks!


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  1. I have really itchy calves and scalp. I have dermotillomania and dig at my scalp until it bleeds then pick off the scabs every day for months, but since I have such an irritable scalp I always have scabs. It's a nightmare.

    The sun drains me too. I am a vampire! x x


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