Day 18
what I collect!

Good lord. What DON'T I collect.

I collect film and cameras. Thats my main obsession and collection. I have a freezer and a fridge filled with film from the 8X10 size down to micro spy film. I had a whole blog (Now sadly neglected due to time) dedicated to my film and developing. Of course now I have so little time, my rolls of film are piling up..

Agfa ClackA pile of Flash 2 and 3 BrowniesA Battered and dusty old lady came to my door todayMy collection of Sub micro cameras #cameraporn #camera #filmcamera #film #japanese #1950s #vintagecamera #camera #spyWerraRay C 1898 box cameraGoing on a shoot with my husbandPlaying with Canon A-1

cameras under the desk
If I don't own it, I probably have a friend that does.. lol
My pride and joy is a Rochester 1896 8X10 camera that my son loves to use. Damned if I can find a photo of it. My collection is spread between here in PIcton and my husband's place in Junee. The more delicate cameras are in Junee as the weather there is drier than here and less chance of mould on bellows. I do need to go and check for drying out of the leather but thats easier than removing mould from lenses.. trust me. I have no idea how many cameras I have well over 150.. but if you love something.. one is good two or four must be better.. um.....
Veggie crispers are for film .. Right?

I have a shoe (Heels) collection that I am trying to whittle down.. and a dress collection.. again I am trying to reduce my clothing.. Its shrewn across 5 bedrooms and a lounge.. I need to reduce clutter and clothing. If it doesn't fit then I have been donating or selling it.

I have a ridiculous amount of fountain pens, dip pens and ink. The ink lives under my bed in two huge tubs (Mostly) and the pens are in drawers or display cases. I use a few but my obsession with stationery has been with my since I was a child. In primary school I had to use a fountain pen for class, as in my day.. (30 odd years ago) is was compulsory.

Paper, notebooks, ball points, pencils.. you name it.. its in boxes, drawers, piles... hmmmm.. I have to write to friends more.....

Typewriters!!! I have 4 here and one at Junee (My grandfather's one) I would LOVE one that types in script.. I have yet to get one. The last typewriter was procured after much begging by my husband for $10 ( I was skint and he got a 40% discount!). The sweetest Alder tipper. A lovely friend in Melbourne sent me a typewriter ribbon and I can't thank her enough! (Thanks Janice-Marie you are awesome!!!)

I am a hoarder... I am a hoarder and I am trying to control my need to collect EVERYTHING...


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