Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fly by whales

Managed to sleep 11hours as David did not go pre dawn to anywhere so the army of elephants didn't go through my room.  Yay! 
We strolled to breakfast and sat around eating far too much.  I even had more than one piece of toast.  HA!
Back to the room to clean up and checkout and after storing our bags we,  well I sat at the wharf and watched the birds for an hour whilst David was watching the locals load a small bus into the barge to go back to the mainland.
David had booked me a massage for 11am before I had decided to go ahead with my lipo.. But as my surgery was on my dowager's hump and apron.. The masseuse could work on my upper back and injured shoulder.  She was impressed by my huge arm bruise that has coloured up nicely.. Hahaha it's very very tender and puffy... Just saying...
The massage was lovely.  The lady found the knots in my injured shoulder and one in my left.  By the time she had finished I could move my arm more freely than before.  WIN.
David went for a massage and I had quiet time in the bar where I had found a power point.. I was very happy doing nothing.  Whilst I was there.  I got an email from my optometrist to get my glasses.  I rang them and explained that I was heading over seas tomorrow and I'll get my mother to collect them. Later.... Mother emailed me and said they had wanted me there..  Argh. 
We went for a walk towards the aerodrome and looked up the prices of a quick flight over the Lighthouses. As our ferry had a boarding time of 1410 and it was around 1315.. Time was short.  The pilot was happy to take us for a 10 min flight and it cost less than some of the other tours on the island.  $38 pp.  Can't beat that.
The little Cessna 172 was an old friend to me,  I used to spent hours and hours in them when I was teaching. So I happily settled in the back and let the boys cram. Up front. 
We spotted some hump backed whales but I never got a photograph. Drat.  I have yet to succeed at shooting a whale.. Boo. 
Arriving back on the ground it was scurry time to get to the ferry wharf in time..
We made it and on the ride back to the mainland..  I got to see a whale breaching. Again I was too slow with the camera but awesome animals. It's migration time. So soon heaps of hump backs will pass this coast. 
Off to the maritime museum where we were lead to believe the wreck of the Batavia was on display.  Wrong this is the museum for the Australia II that won the America's cup in the 1980s.  I remember being in primary school when this happened.
David remembered that I had to get a new pin for my savings visa card and so I headed off to the bank 6 blocks away or more,  and D headed to a tour of the HMAS Ovens. 
Lots of walking!  On the way back I hit 10000 steps.  Phew!  I waited for David to return from his tour without coffee as this cafe closed early..  Boooo
Checked into the same hostel as earlier in the week and got the same room.  Good.  That room has a good bed.  The men's toilet is out of order... The showers are still horrible.. And dirty... But I have a good bed.  I'll survive.
Off for dinner and I got my beloved Korean.  Yum! Was delicious.  Wadling back to the hostel..  And we stop at the churro place.  Death by chocolate!  In my case peanut butter and chocolate. 
Ok!  Photos!  Sorry still all phone pics..

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  1. Thank you! If only I could use the ones on my camera! Booo no computer for another week or so.. So phone photos only oh how I'm tied to modern technology


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