Saturday, August 16, 2014


Woke up.. well I didn't but sat bolt upright and rushed to the door to find my laptop. I had to write and write now. (Not this post). The strangest feeling. Nothing, not even morning ablutions could be first, I had to write.. NOW.

I wrote my thoughts and became more awake.. coffee and a phone call...and now I am awake. I am glad I did write all that I had too as now its gone from my mind..

Itchy back.. but belly is ok. Tim told me about some stuff that may help.. I wonder if mother can pick up some from me. Hmmmmm

Its a saturday and I find myself with only chores to do...Thats ok.. But I wish we had a mail delivery. Australia Post (Not my local ladies, but the company as a whole) have been falling down on the job. Express post parcels are being delivered way after one day.. Things that take only 8 days are now taking weeks.. Its stupid.. They want to stop delivery to houses but the post delivery lady (NOt affiliated with the local PO) has been spied by me and many others, writing out missed parcel delivery notes and leaving the parcels in her van. I have then watched her drive past an hour or two later and toss me a card. No attempt is made to deliver a parcel.
The PO itself is sick of it too as they get all the parcels back and they have to store them. (This is also why I don't get things delivered to my house) ARGHHHH

Right.. this is very stream of consciousness...

Last night.. I gathered my work smile and headed out as Yvonne (aka public me) to be social. I didn't bother to dress properly.. Just shapewear for holding me together.. Trackies, hoodie and sneakers. Real classy.. Hahahah
The talk wasn't really a talk but  Henk van Leeuwen, Osteologist, Taxidermist, Moulder and Caster from the Museum of Comparative Zoology Australia (MOCZA), answering questions from the floor.
He seems disappointed that, unlike Hawkesbury, we didn't ark gorey questions, but kept it factual, and we were truly interested in his work as a Taxidermist.
Rhonda had a Boyds Forest Dragon in the freezer and I think by then end of the questions, she had convinced him to mould her dead animal and maybe its something we, as a club can on sell.  A good idea. To get a lizard like a Boyds done (And if he doesn't have a copy of the animal) its around $2k and he keeps the molds. That's a special price for a new animal to his collection.
The crocodile he brought (Missing his plates and breast and the rest of the rib cage) is around $12500. You want a replica croc skeleton? This is your man.

I found Rhonda's frogs were more photogenic. I do wish I had brought my S4 Zoom.. Grr My Note doesn't have a macro function. 

ignore our chat. I just like seeing them move.

OK onwards to clean the bathroom.. Or at least do a bit of it. 
Oh and build a fire....

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