I became Obsessed with finding out

Last week..my 7/11 introduced the SUPER size coffee for $3. I looked at the cup and I thought it was small. At 3 times the cost, you would expect almost 3 times the size but it certainly wasnt big enough.
Over the next few shifts I bought one of each coffee just for the cups.

I didn't have time at work to measure out the liquids but on my first evening on leave, it was all too much. David helped me do some maths. :-)

The three cup sizes $1, $2 and $3
Just eyeballing the cups you can see that as you get a bigger cup, you get less per $1 spent but HOW MUCH.
I get a tad OCD about some things. 

OK (All filled right to the brim)
the $1 cup holds 282ml  at $3.55 per L 
the $2 cup holds 387ml at $5.17 per L
the $3 cup holds 449ml at $6.68 per L

so... if you want a big coffee, but want to get the cheapest or best value from 7/11 get 3 cups of $1 coffee or go back 3 times.

I'm happy now. :-)


  1. Hahaha! Well done you for working it out.

  2. Are you leaving your job after the surgery? Good luck with the surgery, what are you having done? Love the dress and necklace.

  3. It was one of those things that was really annoying me. I get so ocd with some things

  4. Oh.. Not leaving My job.. I have now 2weeks off sick then 6weeks annual leave out of the 8 owning to me.
    Liposculpture to correct my back which gets all sweaty and hot and causes problems like rashes and clothes rolling down. Nothing mabor

  5. Ah I see! Wow, they owe you a lot of holiday! Enjoy your holiday, and I hope you heal up quick. x x x

  6. I have found my pain killers make me high!. Haahaa.. Counting the days until I see the dr and be allowed to have a shower but shapewear is in my future for a few weeks. I feel restricted.. SIgh.


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