Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kissing Quokkas

No No David left.. He was less quiet than the possums in my roof.. But I managed to roll over and make a pillow fort. I was comfortable and this supprised me as the rest of the hostel was so Crappy.  The mattress and pillows are amazing. I stayed in my pillow fort until David returned from being cold and wet from the rain and pulled down my fort.  Booo. Still we had to got and get food and a quick run to Coles as I had lost the deodorant. Sigh. 
I discovered here that I didn't have my atm card and the visa I had..  I had no pin for.  Sigh.
Onwards to breakfast and we found a Italian Cafe.  They sold muesli and fruit but not together.. Hmmm the coffee was awesome.  The muesli was the end of the packet not enough yoghurt but the dates they served with it were lovely.  More yoghurt!  Geez.  David had an amazing eggs Benedict.  Mental note.. Get the eggs.. 
Onwards to check out..  As we appeared outside again.. It started to rain.  Ugh a long walk in the rain to the ferry terminal.. Boo.  I looked like a drowned rat.
The weather had made shooting ships and lighthouses difficult.. All grey..  Little contrast. The sea was very rough. If the crew sold sick bags instead of giving them out.. They would have been able to retire. 
Arriving at Rottnest Island..  We headed for the hotel..  Dropped our bags and walked up to Bathurst Lighthouse built in 1900..its limestone and is 19.2m.. It's a half radius light to supplement Wadjemup Lighthouse.  This was due to the sinking of the City of York in 1899.
Walking back to the settlement.. We got subway and by then the weather had turned nasty so we took refuge under an awning. 
A quokka came and sat on David's camera bag.  Cutest little marsupials,  tiny ears and hands. Adorable. These are used to ppl so don't mind a quick pat.
I was teaching a murder of Crows to eat from my hand and whilst I was doing this..  A quokka came and sat on my lap. She reached up and gave me a kiss. Too freaking adorable. 
The room at the hotel was ready.. So we headed back to the lodge and settled into a decent. Clean room with a hair dryer.  I wanted to crash..  But after a quick glass of bubbly.. We headed out again.. 
David hired some bikes to get to Wadjemup lighthouse. I loathe bikes with the passion of 1000 suns exploding but the lighthouse was a long long way..  I had to concede his point. They were pretty good bikes. 
I was wobbly.. Covered in sweat and sore... But we had made it to the lighthouse.  Or as Tim put it.. "Woosang pushing pedals and steering with handle bars, elegantly gliding across bike paths along the coast"  let's stick with that...
Wadjemup was built originally in 1849 and was 20 high. The one standing today replaced in in 1896 and is 38.7m high.  The 4th oldest in WA.. Made of limestone sitting on concrete.
Back via the coastal road. I had now overdone it. I was sore tired and needed to have a shower.  Arriving back at the settlement.. I dropped my bike and headed back to the room.. D headed off to the Bathurst lighthouse again for sunset shots.. I needed to sit down.  Young people... I dunno.
Off to trivia then bed. 
Night all xoxo

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