Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfit August Day 11

Today I dressed up all by myself, including shapewear for my belly. This doesn't sound impressive until you realise this is the FIRST time I have been able to wriggle into the all body one all by myself. Usually two guys are needed to push and haul my bruised body into it. Winning... I think. Its a tad low at the back but getting there..

I had to drop the sheets to the laundromat as I don't iron anything esp king sized sheets and I had to get the mail, so Ben drove me to Tahmoor and then to Picton for the mail. (Boring mail)

To do all, here is my outfit. :-) Very comfortable except the insanity making itching that is under my bandages. If I could rip them all off and scratch my skin, I would be very very happy.... 

City Chic Dress in a size 18 purchased many moons ago from The One Stop Pinup shop in Campbelltown. It did come with a tiny blue belt but I hated that and added one of my usual belts. The shoes are from Modcloth called The best of Times Heels in Size 9 and are extremely comfortable. Like yesterday's shoes, no wobbling, well balanced, low heels that you can even walk in grass in. You can wear these all day with no issues.

The handbag is from Jubly-Umph directly. It appeared on my doorstep before 9am this am.. I was stunned that something would come to the house as I never get things delivered to the house. They send a necklace with it, the matching one for the handbag but that wasn't the one I ordered. Someone assumed. Thats OK the store is sending me a replacement and is paying for the return of the incorrect pendant. All fixed. :-). The handbag is mega cute, a tad expensive, and why I didn't get the ship one I lust over. A good size, tiny plastic handle, it feels nice to hold. I'm not thrilled with the clasp, but it stays shut. I just find it fiddly to open. 
The pearl are fake ones from a costume jewellery shop in Macarthur, I think I bought these in June.. Anyway only $5 or so.. I couldn't find my real pearls. BOO. 
The cardigan is made by Sourpuss and I got it from Atomic Cherry, one of my favourite online stores. I don't have a cardigan that is the right blue but this worked ok.

Can't remember where I bought these Sunglasses
Closeup of shoes.. Cute huh?

What do you think?

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