Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outfit August Day 12

And a trip to the Surgeon - Follow up day!

I was so excited to have the follow up appointment today. I am going insane with the glue on the bandages causing itching all up and down my torso.
As it was a special occasion (hahaha - ok I have a quiet life)  Today's outfit was one of my favourite dresses that I don't wear as often as I should.  Its comfortable and the design hides my belly, both before and after. :-)
I purchased it from Autograph clothing, a shop for plus sized ladies, and their sizing is very generous. This is the Red bandage dress in size 14, but fit me as an 18. It is not in red any more, but there is a black and white version on the web site. If only I had the money to buy another one. BOOOO Hate being off work as I have no money for two months. Grunt. I shall look for a sale....
 You guys have seen the handbag and the shoes from earlier this week.


Cardigan was chosen by Fabian earlier

The Cardigan was the one Fabian selected for me several months ago from Rockmans. Its in a size L but I have no idea what the hell that equates too. Looking at their site, its halfway between 14 and 16. (How stupid is that?) Still its oversized and fits perfectly.
Necklace from Collectif
I got the necklace in July from Collectif directly. I adore Anchors and Lighthouses.

 The day was so very cold and the wind didn't help. Whilst usually a cardi is enough for the days, today I should have brought a coat with me.

At the surgeon's, he was happy with the lack of bruising on my back and belly. The bruising has sunk down to the lowest part of my torso and that is all purple. No skin retraction just yet, but its not been a week. I was strapped up after they pulled all the old tape off. My whole torso was bright red and angry from the glue. I was scratching in the surgery. The surgeon put eucalyptus oil on the remaining glue and then the new tape. NOOOOOOOO I was looking forwards to a long shower. Ben told me that my expression when I was told this was, as if the surgeon has kicked a kitten.
Alas, no shower for me until next monday am where I have to make the bandages all wet, so the nurse can pull it off and re strap me. I have to be strapped for 6 weeks minimum.. ARGH Will be going to Thailand in 2 weeks and that means buying a roll of tape and teaching David to restrap me if I wish to swim. I'll also need ice packs for the itchy skin.

Belly Tape

And it goes around my back

I was recommended anti-histamines but a quick visit to the chemist found me talking to a pharmacist that wasn't listening. Ben and I Walked out with nothing. Will find the bandages on the internet and maybe try again next week at the chemist.  SO frustrating when you can't get someone to listen to what you need.

Ben drove me home via the post office. My beautiful green jacket had arrived from the UK. It takes age to get stuff from the UK (Tiger Milly), but in this case I saved a lot of money to be patient.
I got it in 3XL even though that is 2 sizes too big as I like to wear an extra layer under a coat. The back does tighten up. Maybe I should have settled for 2xl.. Hmm I could trade with someone I suppose but the arms are the right length unlike the T-rex arms I usually find on Hell Bunny Coats.

OK it does make me look more bulky than my other HB coats, but like all my other coats.. its WARM! Today is a day that I was in need for such a coat. The hood is removable. Its huge and it falls over my face. OOP!

Made a fire and settling in for my first evening alone. TV, and blogging.

Any ideas on where I can get the sticky bandages for my belly at a cheaper price.

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  1. Sorry you have more weeks of this to come, but the outfit is beautiful! The coat is awesome too. x x

  2. If it wasn't for the damned itch, I would be happy enough. I have ordered a post partum belt to see is I can use that to replace the sticky bandage. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you I do love that dress. xoxo


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