Outfit August Day 15 & Blog Everyday Day 15

Outfit August and Seeing Spots Blog Everyday - A night out

I'm going to cheat a bit here. I wore this last night, as I was in the city and treated it as a sort of date night. Except that we went to the same place, didn't get to walk up and down the street peering into windows and was in bed quite early as the Mr had to work in the am. Boo

I did peer into a few windows... and for my friend Kevin who like mannequins, I tried to take some photos but as a lot of shops had this security grill, I failed. Bah.

Newtown/Enmore have the best shops. I used to live down the road with my second husband in my late 20s and for someone of that age, Newtown is the perfect place in Sydney to live. But for a country girl, as she ages.. she yearns to go back to her quiet place in the country and so as we aged, and I had a son.. We bought Picton.. of course from there the story unravels and becomes dark but for a time, whilst in Newtown, I was happy. So I have a soft spot for the suburb.

Alas for me now, in my early 40s, getting to Newtown is a major pain in the arse and my shoulder has seized to a point (Last night) that turning the sharp Sydney hairpin bends was painful driving indeed. (Plus its a 200km round trip.. with tolls)
Whinge whinge whinge whine. I am old and cranky :-P

Picked up the Mr from outside of my old workplace and he drove into the cbd. Phew! He even found a park!! Amazing!

OK EXPLAIN the doll parts hanging in baggies from the ceiling and a bowl of bagged parts on the bar.. This place was a tad disturbing at midnight.. If it had been open, I totally would have gone in.
The well dresses Mannequins are from Gallery Serpentine, an amazing place for goth clothing and corestry. The other place that used to be across the road has morphed into yet another bar. Boo.
The security grilled mannequins are at  a hair place of all things. Go figure.

David attempted to do some outfit photos but his heart wasn't in it.  I was squinting and he was wanting to leave.  Sigh.  Oh well a boy needs to sleep before driving a train. :-) Probably a good time to send him to bed.

Another reason I hate my smile.. I lose my eyes. 
Once at the hotel.. He was feeling better and indulged me.. (Could have been my nagging though) On the way, we did stop for anti histamines, but they are not helping.. You will see the damage I have done to the offending bandage.

See my dress!

Stunned bunny look

How do I pose??


Closeup of necklaces

And the selfie!!

Dress - Saturday Night Thrive Dress Modcloth 1xl (The XL is too small)
Belt - Kitty Deluxe XL
Necklaces - EILH
Stockings   -  Streets of Harajuku  - Pear xl  Modcloth
Shoes - Modcloth

Dont forget to check my measurements here to see how they compare to yours. 

Today I am actually in a plain black Tee with Jeans and a cardigan. Perfect for getting the laundry, doing the banking and the mail run. 

As I walked from the laundromat to the bank and back, I spied that the old craft shop was now a rockabilly shop and she had sourpuss... I had to investigate.....I met Portia. A lady who set up her shop two years ago. As I rarely walk through Tahmoor, I missed this. Though, if I had noticed, I would have a wardrobe of dresses and I have always had too many clothes ...Oh I have already a wardrobe of dresses but it would have been totally unmanageable. I'm rambling.. Hmm

Anyway.. Interesting what you miss when driving. 

The trees are starting to bloom, so taking my life in my hands... I pulled over to take mobile phone photos of the flame trees. 

So I hope you enjoyed my combined post of the Outfit August Day 15 (And night of 14) and my Blog everyday challenge from Seeing spots

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