Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Outfit August Day 19

Today, is another stay at home, windy and cold day. The week long rain lasted for only 1.5 days before giving up but the wind stayed. Boo. dont mind the rain but the wind is just depressing.
Nothing in the mail, so its a day spent writing and trying to coax a fire out of sopping kindling.

I spend my camping building tents leaving the fire to the experts. Outta big logs anyway.. tonight will be a layering night as in put on more and more layers.

My day was made by a lovely phone call. OK I did ramble a lot but its been a while since I've had such a call. YAY!!!!! xoxo

Best it got then.. died out. Boo

Was bright at my table

Ok having too much fun with the mirror

The back is cute!

 Jeans - Size 14 BeMe
Jumper - Too Fast XL - from eBay Can't see it on the Too Fast web site now.
Boots- Ugg boots - Avon very old.
I thought as the jumper was so bold, I didn't have to add any accessories.

Like it??

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