Thursday, August 21, 2014

Outfit August Day 21

Busy day ahead. Only two appointments but they were spread apart so my whole morning was spent in Macarthur/Campbelltown. Bah. It sprinkled on and off just to be annoying..And make my fringe flat. BOOOOO
Coffee with mother.. I had the SMALLEST coffee known to man.. Seriously Piccolo too cute but a mouthful at best..

Laser appointment to de-gorilla myself for Thailand.. hurt today.. The lady had to work around my bruising but as I had the other lady today.. she was very through in the bikini area.. Ouch.. O_O Doesn't usually hurt.. I must just be overly sensitive today.
The ladies took my in early so my 0930 appointment was finished as 0930.. I had to kill time until noon for the optometrist. I had been having trouble reading my phone.. Yes even one as large as mine and for diary writing.. I had to resort to magnifying glasses which you guys have seen appear in the blog recently. Enough was enough and off to be tested .
I have a family history of Glaucoma and the optometrist tested for everything all on medicare so it was all FREE!!!! Enjoy it people until Abbot takes it away....You will be sad.. I know I will be.
I had looked everywhere for my HICAPS card but to no avail so.. when he said SURPRISE you need glasses.. I had to ring David for cash to pay for the frames.. Hopefully I'll see some of the money back.

I had a lot to choose from from as they are for reading only.. I didn't feel the need for high brand labels... BAH. I stayed at a reasonable price range and even rang mother for one of her frames she doesn't use for recycling (I loved them when she bought them)

The rest of the cost will have to be paid in three weeks when I return. Sigh..

ANYWAY here.. are the short list frames.. Of course the private health fund that we can afford only covers me for $300 per year of glasses.. Bah. I definitely will need to recycle old frames.

Getting OLD and thats AWESOME. Seriously.. I feel better at 42 than I did at 28.. Plus I look good in glasses... hahahhahahhaa

Right what did I wear?

Skirt - PUG -XL Doris Parrot Skirt from Miss Konduct Clothing in Newcastle.
           ** worth noting this skirt is TIGHT check my measurements for August to compare to your measurements**
Top - Tatyana knit 2XL bought ages ago from The One Stop Pinup shop in campbelltown
Belt - one of my usual ones from Kitty Deluxe in Unanderra
Coat - Hell Bunny Teal Sarah Jane 3XL - Bought from eBay from Tiger Milly in the UK (Cheaper than here go figure even with the Pound to Dollar conversion)
Necklace - $5 from Jayjays in Macarthur. Can't see any necklaces on their website.


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