Friday, August 22, 2014

Outfit August Day 22

I was so enamoured with this skirt from City Chic. Its a plus size fashion store across town in Sydney. So awesome.. I can say I wear an XS.. hahahahaha.. XS is around a size 16, they say 14.. but that would be an generous sized 14.... hmm.. In the UK it would be an 18 or so..
Here is is on the model

The City Chic Model
And here it is on me..

I just feel like dancing

Skirt - City Chic Drive in Skirt XS (14/16)
Top - Basic from K-mart $4 Size 20au (I have lots of these.. You can't go wrong at $4 a tee and it goes with EVERYTHING
Shoes - Modcloth Bows & Places Heels
Belt - S/M City Chic Silver service Belt. I was nervous that this would be too small but its just right.

Was cold this am. My Hell Bunny FairyTale coat came in handy (From UK Viper London - Was cheaper than buying here)

Thoughts..?? Off to sign some real estate contracts..



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