Sunday, August 24, 2014

Outfit August Day 24

And camera lens..

Packing day for my trip. SOOOOOO I didn't do any packing until 1900hrs.. AFTER I  slept in, went out for lunch.. did a massive shopping trip so I have no money to travel with.. and came home, cleaned out a cage, helped David shower a snake, kill mites and around to packing...

SOOO Jeans and tee-shirt day

After a huge lunch...

 Shirt - Womens Cartel ink 2XL
 Jeans - BeMe 14
      Shoes - Big W
      Handbag - Pinup Girl Couture
      (Bought from The One Stop Pinup Shop Campbelltown)
      Necklace- EILH
      Sunglasses - eBay

Then, on the way home, I had the bright idea of updating my lens that I have been lusting after for years. Literally years. I was recently doing a shoot with Superb wrens and I was unhappy with my results which, was partly me.. yes. I am out of practice. BUT I was struggling with the way Tamron lens zoom out using the back to front (For me) Nikon way.. Now Canon are superseding this lens soon, but as it has been years and there is really nothing solid in the rumour mill, I decided today to go back into debt. SIGH, not like I need money.. I can't take it with me.. right???

HMM ANYWAY we rang around and it seemed that A) no one had stock or B) they had stock but were way over the RRP. Screw that. I had a limited budget and I had no wiggle room so David did some ringing around and found one UNDER the RRP and 6mths interest free. If I get back into selling some photos I may have a small glimmer of paying it off before the end of the interest free period, but hopefully I can get some tax money back to help. I nearly bought the 300mm I was lusting over.. but I decided to stay with the more flexible lens. EVEN though the prime is sharper.. I can and have worked with this 100-400 before. So it will do the job.
Time to sell the Tamron. :-)
SOOOO I FINALLY have my long awaited 100-400 f/4. OK not a fast lens but by comparison the F/2.8 is $7000 wayyyyyyy out of my price range. The prime I was looking at was $1700.. I will have to save up and get it next year or so. Or Lay by it. I'll have to see.
Lens lust. The 400mm f/2.8 is $8600.. geez..I have also been eyeing that off but unless I win lotto.. thats a wish list item only. Ha. All the pretties......
Have to eat in Thailand.. so no reckless spending today besides the 100-400.

I got to play with the f/2.8!! :-) Shame I had no birdies to shoot. 
Back to reality..f/4 for me. 

The new pretty!

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