Saturday, August 30, 2014

Outfit AUGUST DAY 30

Today I have a free day to dedicate a blog post to outfit August.  I didn't think I'd make almost every day and except for missing one.. I have done all.  The missing day I hope was forgiven as I was on a surgeon's table..  You wouldn't want to have seen my clothes afterwards.. Lol 

Today is lying around the resort..  Mostly in the cabin due to general fatigue of racing around recently..  I'm sleeping 8-13 hours a day so I sure need to catch up on months of 4 hour sleep days.  The insomniac is actually sleeping.  Win. 
For my first day in Thailand..  I'm wearing my favourite dress.. The one named after me! 

Hair is plaits as the humidity makes it fuzzy 

Silliness at the pool
Dress -  hell bunny "Vonnie" xl- old
Belt -  Kitty Deluxe plus sized
Shoes -  big W 
Bag -  pinup Girl Couture
Necklace- made by Stina of Eilh Etsy  
On to my massage. 

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