Outfit August Day 4

Outfit August

HB Mystical 50s Unicorn Swing dress

 Today’s outfit is another Hell Bunny. Another dress I spent AGES hunting down and then, when I got it, I filed it away. I pulled it out last night and took it out of the bag. Tried it on and YAY!! It fits. Although this is a XL, it is MUCH tighter than Yesterday’s dress. The shirring on this one is only one small panel, so the dress has much less stretch than the all back shirring. Size up for this! I have shrunk to a size 16 so this fits perfectly. (Check my chest stats on the stats page to compare your measurements)
Close up of pattern
With Sara Coat 3XL
Cardi Back
The cardigan is by Too Fast and size XL. I can’t undo the buttons, they are cute but they don’t fit through the damned holes. I undid two the top and the bottom to allow for my hips. Cute eh?  I got it from Kitty Deluxe in Wollongong.
The cardi was a hit at work, and my panel partner kept saying “IT’S CUTE AND ITS FLUFFY!!” about my dress. (Its not fluffy that’s just what she says to something cute) Leggings are from Bonds from Coles the local supermarket and good for X-tra tall ladies. Totally comfortable. The coat is also from Hell Bunny, with these, I always get 3xl to allow for an extra layer as all HB coast clinch at the waist, you need room. This is a bit large on my now but better to have a large coat than one you can’t get your arms into. (I don’t have full range of movement in my right shoulder) The necklace was from Ruff N ready and made by Jubly-Umph a Melbourne artist that I now buy from directly. She makes the cutest jewellery. You have to peruse her site! I have the whole set of this cupcake including cardi clips but as I can’t open the cardigan I didn’t worry about them today.

I NEED a cupcake hat!! Next pay maybe… What do you think? Too much cute and fluffy??? Unicorns not your thing?

 Tomorrow, I am thinking more cupcakes and lollypops!! I have lots of HB that need a day out and my work is the perfect excuse! (It freaks my boss out).

 Today was a mixed bag, I had multiple failures and some miscommunications with work on track and the complex. I cound myself in the situation of standing up for my staff again but had to take a front line guy off safeworking. BAH. Hate doing that. I feel for them but when you have an authority to travel you have to fulfill it! Its not rocket science. BOOOO had to cancel services due to this. Oh well. Bring on Thursday! Only two more shifts!

Bed time for me! Night all!!

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  1. Its cute and the cute and fluffy idea is way outside of my comfort zone. It was fun.


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