Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outfit August Day 6

Outfit August Day 6

Day before surgery, so this may be my last outfit August for a while. (I can hear the men rejoicing) Or Maybe not....

Melissa chose today’s theme of spiders so I dug out the Hell Bunny Seth Spider Dress.  I don’t own a spider cardigan, (Like Stina did here at Fatshion Peepshow )so I topped it with my plain red one from yesterday and an old necklace. I purchased the dress ages ago feom Tiger Milly when they had a sale on international shipping. I pulled it out of the cupboard and it still had the tag attached. I must have hung it up and not thought about it again.

The trademark halter top hasn't been altered and I have had it pulling at my neck all day. (Note to self, get all the rest of my dresses altered) A small price to pay to freak out our foreign bosses who, worry about all the dangerous Australian critters carrying them away in the night. HAHAHA. 
Dress detail

 I really can’t remember when I bought this spider necklace, maybe Etsy but more likely eBay or something. It was from my goth days. I had earrings but they were no to be found at 2am. (Doesn’t matter I rarely change my earrings anyway.)

HB Fairytale Coat and PUG Handbag
Same coat as yesterday and today, I did remember to take a photo of me in the coat
 It was at 5am and in the work lift. but a photo none the less. J 

 My tights are from Modcloth and the shoes are from Big W.  I like that US x-tall tights are really X-tall and not the Australian idea of X-tall and be less than 5’4”. GRRR Aussie tights are always sliding down as they are just not X-tall!! Geez.

From now on, after I get over the ouchies of surgery, I will be a lady of luxury on minimum wage. BOO. Well at least I can get some sleep!! My insomnia is starting to really affect my days. Ugh. So far several days with little or no sleep.

I took a sleeping pill and STILL STAYED AWAKE! WTF! How unfair is that.?

Today at shift change over time, my relief went off sick, the standby guy thought I was kidding and then a house fire brought down the overhead at St Marys. In my area a passenger had a seizure then refused medical assistance meaning I called the ambos only to call them off. Argh. Happy to leave. The compulsory meeting for the afternoon was cancelled as the overhead had priority so WIN!

Bring on tomorrow!!
After work and no makeup.. I really should plan these

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