Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Outfit August Day 13

Before I get to my outfit, I read this inspiring blog post from Marcy.  Like her, I love prints and I have usually been playing it safe and my love of prints was limited to t-shirts.
Of course you guys have seen that I have become more fearless myself  and branched out to printed dresses and skirts. If only my bank account would keep up.. I would have plenty more. (Modcloth gift voucher would be lovely....hahaha)

This article also made an impact and relates to the Love Every Body posts I did in July and early August.

SO today was spent at home day. I have been pushing my body since the surgery but I have felt good about the exercise I have managed. Today is sit and try not to rip my skin off day.
It was also the first day I drove for myself so my compression wear was the looser type allowing me to bend enough to drive properly.
Nothing interesting in the mail and I found myself in the situation of EFTPOS'ing $3 for milk. Sigh. Least I had $3 in the account so I'll take that as a win.


Tried the spare room, but the light is behind me so #fail

Still havent got the hang of mirror selfies

This will have to do

Went out with bed hair. SIgh. 
Skirt - Pug Size 2XL Dancing Horses (Its $98 on the web site in the US and I bought it locally from The One Stop pinup shop for $120 so I support a local business, the cost to me is around the same when I add postage)
Top - Collectif Dolores Top 3xl I found on Ebay from an Aussie store. Win!
Necklace - Collectif (No longer on the web site)
Shoes - Big W
Belt - From Kitty Deluxe XL
Sunnies - Millers

Close up of the print.

Simple and comfortable. Perfect. 


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