Saturday, August 23, 2014

Outfit August day 23

Today's Outfit August was brought to you from the Letter C ie. CRAP I have to wash before leaving tomorrow for lands across the water..

I have not even thought about packing.. or, as it seems washing.. I have been run off my feet this last week (Well for a few days) and it occurred to me that my best fitting jeans are in the washing basket.. OOps. I have all my dresses altered and I have an idea for some skirts.. but my jeans and underwear are all dirty.. SOOOOO
I had to just wear clothes that whilst they no longer fit, will allow me to go outside and hang up my smalls.. (SMALLS?? MINE? Not so small.. but anyway the name makes me giggle. )

This top was a beloved favourite and now its too long and baggy. Anyone who would like an AUS size 20 (A generous size) is welcome to this shirt. Its lovely with its cut out sleeves and I always felt pretty in it.

The jeans are from God knows where and have holes in the chub rub area.. and fall off me so.. I need a belt to keep them on my hips. (GACK)
AND my world famous ugg boots, well worn and decades old. I should buy some more for next winter. (MY house has tiles! don't judge me heeheehee)

My long cardigan from Rivers outlet store completes my housefrau grunge look along with my pigtail bunny things happening.

I'm just so awesome..Y'all are jelly.. **Sarscasm**

Enjoy and feel free to have a giggle.


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