Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Post Everyday in August Day 12

Two posts in one. 

A guilty pleasure.

I have many.. mostly shopping. My clothing obsession has been in hiding and only David knew that I would trawl shops for jewellery or Plus sized clothes no matter where in the world that I was.. but.. a real guilty pleasure are Reeses Pieces.
I got a bag of 200 pieces from ebay and ate them all around two years ago and didn't stop... hmmm thats explains my zaftig figure...:-)
I haven't had one in a long time... but is certainly my achilles heel..
ATM Timtam released a peanut butter Timtam.. Its very very hard to only eat one in a slam... so I usually end up having two..

Save me for I am weak..!!

Savoury or Sweet, Discuss 

The lovely Steph from Seeing Spots has an August Challenge too. This is slightly related to the one above so.. 

I love all foods but savoury and sweet, but sweet is easy to get sick of and so I tad to fall into eating savoury. (Aside from Peanut butter things) . 
My favourite breakfasts usually involve a slice of Vegemite toast and a coffee...
I do like nuts for nibbles.. Almonds and peanuts (OK a legume), cashews etc etc
I am not adverse to currants and cranberries in my nuts or salads.. but I'd choose cheese and crakers over chocolate more often that not.

lol not an in depth discussion but there you are.


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