Friday, August 29, 2014

Showering with Gekkos

Arrived safely in Phuket at 2000hrs and walked out of the plane into a wall of breathable water. Ugh...  Instant flat hair..  Ah it needed a wash anyway.  A short bus ride across the apron to the terminal and I was transported back to 1980s Noumea.. Where the terminal was just one room. 

Passport control was a shamozzle but not as bad as Sydney international airport. We stood in line for an hour with a lady barking at us that the short line was over there..  Short line short line.. She kept repeating... The benefit to me was as ppl went to the short line.. My line got shorter and the short line got less short..
Hahaha i could have paid $5 and been expressed through but I've been to London and Sydney.  This is nothing.  One hour queue? Ha!

Through passport.. To baggage collection and this made me laugh..  They had had a conveyor belt failure and dumped all the bags from 5 flights next to the carousels so we were all wandering the hall playing pick a bag.
We found ours the second lap of the hall. And after a shreik discovery and skipping down to them..  I headed off to customs to declare my tea.

There was no one there to declare anything as there conveyor belt issue has affected the scanners at customers.   A guy noticed me and asked what I wanted.  I waved my bag of tea and said I need to declare this. He waved me through..  No scan nothing... Then barked at the other passengers to just leave.. We all scurried out of the terminal into the hot night..

 That was hilarious. 

David had arranged a shuttle from the hotel to collect us for the hour long drive to Mangosteen. .

Thank god.  I would have died trying to negotiate Thai roads.  Is there even a speed limit?  The driver was averaging 100km/hr through the city streets.  I didn't understand a lot of the signs so we would have gotten very lost or crashed.

The resort is lovely. The reception lady was throwing details at us at a rapid fire pace and I was too tired to concentrate. I just sipped my juice that she gave me and nodded.
The room is amazing and I discovered the shower had Gekkos...  I spent ages trying to get a shot..  Eventually managing one.
A shower was bliss and then the beautify king sized bed..

Airconditioning makes sleep easy.. Zzz

 Made it to here?  Outfit of the day for August for the 29th was a tee shirt and jeans as they are my heaviest items.

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