Friday, August 22, 2014

land lording..

When I went into this business with my mother to assist her build a retirement fund, using my superannuation (retirement savings)

This new house has been a surprise from start to finish.

Firstly I was told we made an offer after she had made a deposit.. HMMMMM I had to go to the real estate and sign forms, not seeing the property.. and the real estate agent wasn't there.. HMMMMMMMM anyway I struggled through the legal crap and trusted that mother had gone through the house properly..

She knew my rules that I had set down.

SOOOO today I got to see what I had bought.. Oh dear......

So far..ok.. aside from the trash

The house was supposed to settle today, but stuff was still in the garage and in the back yard.. Sigh.... A talk with the lawyers and we decided to settle anyway with a clause that charges the seller for rubbish removal.I didn't photograph inside.. but

 the carpet is toast, 
NONE of the cupboards are usable..dude the wardrobe clothe hangers are held up by lumps of wood.. the shelves are damaged by water.. chip board city..

 the bathroom is not waterproof or usable..and... the backyard.. sigh...

No way the seller will be able to remove all the stuff by 1400hrs today.. I hope he can do it over the weekend as we have allowed him access to get his stuff. Seems mean not too esp as the house is not liveable anyway..

I opened the cupboard under the sink and the bloody door fell off.. the whole support had rotted.  I just glared at my mother. Moving on.......The laundry window is broken.. hmmm there is no back fence...

The view from the front is amazing.. you can see the mountains in the distance. I could see myself sitting here on a summer's evening..

I have now arranged my property manager to fit the doors, the locks, get screens and pull up the carpet.. there is a lovely wood floor under this crappy carpet.  There is a huge cement slab which I will make into a tiled feature.. Hmm .Lots of work. What has she gotten me into.. Fingers crossed we can stay in budget and get tenants. 

Sometimes I wonder why I don't have cash and then I get reminded. 

Oh god. **Headdesk** If there is asbestos in the bathroom I will kill my mother.. :-P

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