Friday, August 8, 2014

The day after

Sooooo I slept like the dead except for waking up three times for lymphatic drainage.. **cough** and once for a pain killer. I was stiff because I didn't move much and so my sore shoulders were even more sore than usual AND when I finally got up for the day I felt run over by several trucks and dragged a few metres. UGH.
David has been fussing over me and Ben had been patiently managing both of us. David has injured his knee again and as such is having knee blowouts that makes him drop things. (Usually heavy logs of wood)

Ben wanted something from Aldi so we headed for Tahmoor, forgetting the sheets that need to be dropped off. Sigh..  I found some light compression pants and a nice shirt and got some face cloths for my hand baths. (Ugh) we were on the hunt for dry shampoo and gluten free pizza base but failed. Onwards to get the mail and my Anchor from Rebel Circus arrived.. and a Machu Tea whisk. Nothing majorly exciting but nice all the same.

We needed rats for the snakes so we headed off to Narellen and Ryan's pet store. YAY. I love visiting all the animals there. Ryan has a terrific display of reptiles and worth having a look if for no other reason but ALL THE TURTLES..


Warning Turtle Spam..

There be dragons here

Homewards and we had forgotten the dry shampoo so we headed for the chemist for more bandages and then the supermarket for shampoo. Yes I'm obsessed with this as I can't wash my hair for a week and even after one day, I feel gross. 
Arriving home we discovered that mother had arrived and has made a coffee that was now all over the kitchen as she didn't know how to use the machine. Oops. 
After she left, and we had consumed peanut butter Tim Tam slams (Hmmmm yum!) Ben set about changing my main dressing that was stuck to me and was designed to hold me together and assist the skin shrinkage. Alas due to some of the ports being under the bandages, they had to be changed urgently. Ugh. 
Halfway through I fainted. Well my brain shut down, I got tunnel vision, a pounding in me head and my ears seemed filled with cotton wool. I was also sweating profusely. I sat down immediately before my legs buckled and the boys looked on concerned. I was helped to bed and there I felt better. The boys continued with the bandages and sponge bath then started rebandaging. 
Ben and David went on a search for my shapewear as the compression clothes i was given are just not that supportive.  My torso/skirt one is too small due all the swelling and bandages but Ben managed to squeeze me into the waist one that is almost long enough to cover everything. It certainly feels better. 
The other thing was washed and hung up for nightwear. 

So my Outfit of the day..  Chuckle... was my shapewear. 

Shapewear hold me in

Well my waist fits but not my boobs

Hopefully tomorrow will have less drama

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