Friday, August 29, 2014

The trouble with Virgins

An early start for little old me.  Had to check out at 8 collect the key deposit and get a bus.... Two trains and two more buses...  We missed the train as the lady in reception didnt feel like getting out of bed today and was only chased out by a resident who knew what room she was staying in.  She even made us wait whilst she opened the doors.. Turned on the drinks fridge and fluffed about.  She even grumbled to us about being forced out of bed.
I'm sorry if my shift starts at 0530.. I'm there at 0520 at least not when I bloody feel like it.  Argh

The rail replacement bus was delayed due to traffic but the rest of the connections worked out.  Arrived at the international airport support early so I was happy.  I love being early. 
Virgin check in to ages but I had the time abs we were first to check in so got moved to the front of the plane.  Yay choice of meals this time. 

Next was passport control and the guys were joking with us.  I do love it when officials have a sense of humour.  Zipped over to the tourist refund scheme and took back around $200 from Tony. It's not like he would use it on useful things like education or roads..  Fuck him..  Boyant we then had to negotiate security and I had to use the scanner whilst David didn't and only went through the metal detector.  Grr.  I even got a reading from my bra and surgery shapewear so had to be felt up..  No..  Patted down they call it..  Stupid things.  Imagine if I had a metal joint!  They would go nuts.  Still the staff were cracking jokes and it was all good.  The English backpacker was chosen for the bomb test so I missed out on that. 
3 hours wandering the one small hall of Perth international I went for breakfast and because I wanted healthy I got hit with super exorbitant prices whilst D stayed with eagle boys and got a better deal.
My yoghurt yummy though... 

The weather in Perth turn nasty and our plane was stuck out on the tarmac so upon boarding call.. Passport and boarding pass checked (again)then down the stairs to the tarmac where, thankfully,  it had stopped raining and we could board a bus AFTER our passport and boarding pass were checked (again).  The bus drovr is to the waiting 737-800 where as we got off the bus.... Guess what! our passport and boarding pass were checked (again)... Then up the stairs where... You guessed it

Our passport and boarding pass were checked (again)
There IS a point where this gets a bit tedious .  The bus lady even dropped my passport in a Puddle.  Yay.

The plane had no in flight charging but they expect you to use your own devices to use there wifi for entertainment.  Boo.  I had used most of my battery chatting earlier today so I'm buried in a book most of the time.  The 737 is otherwise comfy.

I must remember to declare my tea that I keep in my diary and forgot to leave at home.  Oops

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