Saturday, August 30, 2014

The universe didn't cease to exist

Was wandering the Nathan beach front .. Just filling in 2 hours before our bus back to the resort. The rubbish around made me quite sad but we passed a little shop with larger sized bikinis. I mentioned to David that the anchor one was a lovely design if I had done the bikini challenge of Stina '(held a month ago) and he made a bee line for little shop and said to the man (being tactful) "do you have. . the bikini in this (motioning to me) size "Ha! Gee thanks ... The man laughed at me fave and said yes of course .. What size Thai? Um. I gave him my size in AU .. UK .. And USA and from this he found my size (they use EU) I got to try on the top and whilst a tad tight .. It was a go. Bigger would be to loose .. I was forming a pool of sweat in the back room and wanted to escape .. David bought the bikini so I had no excuse ... The fat child .. Fat teen and fat adult had no more reasons. to delay ..  

Here is Woosang ... For the first time in her life ever .. In a bikini. Enjoy !!  


  1. You're beautiful.

  2. You have never looked more gorgeous than you do now! You rock that bikini and I hope to see it again!!!

  3. Kazza the Blank One04 September, 2014 19:51

    Bikini babe!!!


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