Sunday, August 10, 2014

three items off my bucket list.

 3 items checked off your bucket list

I had a few things checked off my bucket list in the past few years.

1. Go to Russia.

My grandfather wanted to go to Russia and learnt Russian for years to be ready to make the trip. Alas, due to few events, he was pushed down the escalators at Bondi Junction, and broke his arm, this ages him suddenly. The fit and healthy old man became a sad and grumpy old man in considerable pain. This was when I was in year 12 so we'll say around 1990. Then he had a gall bladder attack that made him wheelchair bound but didn't stop him from travelling to my first wedding in 1996 in a wheelchair to give me away. Very pale and frail from surgery, he still dreamed of going to Russia.
My grandpa became less active from then on and in 1999 he passed away from age and gangrene that had developed in his foot. He had refused to be parted with his foot and so, we laid him to rest with his wife who had passed away in 1976. I thought how sad that he never got to do his one bucket list dream of travelling to Russia.
So When I got married a third time.. (OK Ok don't judge me) I bought two tickets for my new husband and I to travel on the Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing. (Grandpa had also wanted to see the great wall of China) and for Xmas 2006 I surprised him with the tickets.
The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood

2. Reduce my body apron.
OK a project in progress, but the first stage was done on Thursday.  This part of my body has always been disturbing to me. OK to me alone. Its been the one part that, no matter how much I exercised or dieted or whatever, always hung out and over my hips. Bah. From 2004-2011, I was a runner. I always had this baggage. Then as, I have described in a previous entry here..

Apron still shows even here

soo as seen yesterday.. I have to wear supportwear for months. Sigh but damn it.. sooooo worth it. And frankly.. my tattoos have hurt worse.

3. Buy and keep my house. 
I have been divorced twice and twice I lost everything I owned. The second divorce took even my onl child but I did manage to hold on to my house. I have managed to support me, my mortgage and the needs of my son. All by myself. My third husband understood this and I have always manged the house on my own. :-) I can stand on my own two feet if I need too and I need to do this for myself. 


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