What have you been wearing this week? Blog Everyday August Day 11

What have you been wearing for the Seeing Spots Linky!

I have been doing Leah's Outfit August and so far have kept up..except for the one day that I spent naked on a surgery table.. But I hope I'm forgiven for that.  each out fit below have an associated Blog entry so please feel free to peruse my Outfit August

Week of August 4 to August 11 with 12 thrown in at the end.

Day 7 Surgery Day. No OOTD

My clothes are for warmth and comfort

Oh Sexy Shapewear

Does this fit? NOOOO. Drat

Day 9

And because I am editing this post on the 12th, I'll include today's outfit. 

SOOOOOO Mostly dresses with trackies and shapewear to hold myself together... Ugh. If I have to be itchy all the time.... I'll at least wear pretty dresses... :-) 

What did you wear this week??


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