What skincare products are you using?

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What skincare products are you using?

My skin care is fairly simple. I have very very dry skin in winter and that exacerbates my itchiness. Drives me insane. Also I get scars from my scratching soooooooo I keep my creams very basic. As little ingredients as I can find. 

The biggest relief comes from a cream that was recommended to me from a Picton local who now lives in Melbourne. Miss Kylie Hams

It really helps. If you have dry skin this makes a huge difference. 
For the face, I use (ATM) Avon for my age group. Anew Reversalist Day and the night cream but really I'm not rigid in this. Often I don't bother. I know, slack. 
Being an Aussie, I SHOULD wear sunscreen daily but, no. The only time I do is when I'm in a swimsuit.  Again, Slack. 

The DermaVeen is my other moisturiser. Its for eczema, but doesn't relieve the itching so I use it as a general moisturiser.  It does help my hands and isn't oily afterwards. 

So there you are. The most lax girl with skin care ever. 

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