Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A date with James Bond

Another mega early day but this time the bus was on time and so I had to leave half of my breakfast and have no decant time. Epic boo.  There was another aussie couple, newly weds,  who were either more organised or don't believe in breakfast,  patiently waiting for the same bus.  (I found out later they are organised)
This bus driver was far less terrifying but we still had to dither at lots of other hotels. (some in maze like back streets)
Onwards to the wharf and this place was more professionally organised than yesterday's company.

Loaded us all on to a ferry like boat and we steamed gracefully off to the horizon.
Our first stop was James Bond island.
Now... I have never been interested in the James Bond movies so this island had so reference for me. It was overrun with tourist stalls and tourists swarming over everything like mosquitoes and just as annoying.
Kristy (one of the newlyweds that I mentioned) broke her thong and so had to buy some at the stalls. Luckily it had a shoe stall.
I took. A few photos of tourists in front of the the rock that David told me appeared in the movie,  "the man with the Golden gun" before moving on to see what the island had to offer.

Caves.. And a coffee stall.. "James Bond coffee" I found a coolish place in the shade to await my lift back to the mother ship.

Back on the boat.. They sat off shore and the boys on the boat took to jumping from the roof to the water below. I practiced shooting action with my phone.

Onwards to the next stop to a canoe ride through some caves to see the interior of an island. I have to look up the names. 
Was rather nice but I could have done without being wet.  The canoeist made me a rose out of straws which was cute. 
Back to the boat and off to the next canoe place where we were taken through dark tube like tunnels to a lagoon with monkeys.  One Monkey jumped onto my canoe then hitched a ride to the main Beach.  He did pose for a few photos before getting bored.  

Back again to the main boat and they took us to monkey beach,  where David and Kristy swam to the beach.  Neil (Kristy's husband) and I stayed on the boat and just filled in the time chatting. 
Next stop was back to Phuket  and off to my tattoo appointment.  I was now late and due to us being the last hotel on the route, there was no chance of any making up of time.  Traffic was horrible as to be expected in Phuket and, to be fair, any city between 1700 and 1800 hrs.  
I was dropped off outside  of the infinity tattoo shop at 1840. Ugh I loathe being late.  In Australia, they would have told you to fuck off and you lose your deposit..  But my tattooist was calmly smoking, waiting for me.  I did sign language a huge apology and we dived  right into it.  A man of few words.. I got ok? For placement and ok? For the initial lines then I watched the jink-jok  on the window catch mosquitoes and the horse jumping on the TV at the bar across the road.  

David rocked up partway and then vanished to find a massage parlour.  There are massage parlours every 3m in this area so I'm sure his search want long.  
My tattooist finished in an hour 40 or so and wrapped me up.  He spoke no English and I spoke no Thai so,  I could do was a thumbs up and hand over the money.  I was thrilled with his work. 

My Sak Yant

Wandered back to the hotel, and just as I got to the jink - jok covered sign.. 

 Kristy & Neil came down the driveway.  I strolled back down the road with them having a very pleasant conversation.  Just a we reached the family mart, David turned the corner!  Cool.  Grabbed some drinks and headed back to the hotel and change for the pool.  

In the bikini again

Kristy & Neil with David floating past 
Spent the rest of the evening talking with our new friends. It's so great to have another shift working couple that have similar issues to you are work but in a totally different industry. 
Bed and we both crashed.

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