A quiet few days

On my last night on the Indian Pacific I caught a flu from someone. Goodness knows who but DAMN THEM. I have been sick for 3 days coughing with sore joints and headaches. Totally awesome.
Luckily I have another 2 weeks off. My plans for the next fortnight fell through in mid july but I have appointments for the rest of the next week.
For one, I think I'll need a different anti-depressant.. mind you, the travel I have done recently has proven that I am a lot calmer than I have been in the past.

Ben came to stay over, passing through on his way to visit his family.. he also forgot his glasses last time he was here.  We had a breakfast and then he very kindly drove me to Macarthur and return.

I am stocked up for another few days of being sick while I get better and basically lying low.

Mowing, washing and basic chores until my next dr appointment.

y'all are Jelly!! You know it.

Randomness from holiday



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