Aldi and K-mart outfit 2 A tad racey

After being up all night, I didn't manage to sleep in. Boo. My aldi "shapewear" has helped my sore back and hence I am suddenly sleeping in them all the time. Win. :-)

Its not shapewear in that it doesn't hold you in.. its more.. keeping your outer clothes from molding to you.

kisses.. its too early after a late night

Stop and smell the flowers

hides nothing.. roll and rolls
Skims over my round booty

Moving away from underwear the other dress I mentioned in my previous post. Another skater dress... also $15 from K-mart. I was aiming for a size 18au but there was only 20 and 16 so I thought I'd try the 16. 
David's face when I showed him in the change room, was enough to buy it. He was on the phone.. :-) 

 Added the belt from my collection and the necklace was from a sale at one of those cheap costume jewelry stores.

 We headed down for lunch but as I had seen a rockabilly store in Junee of all places, I begged David to take me there. So he did. AW. He loves me.. To both of our surprise Joe Ward was in the store. She owns a rockabilly store!! How awesome. To prove how unflattering our uniforms are, I was as surprised at what she was wearing as she was at what I was wearing.  Damn, wish I had chosen my hell bunny dress for today. Drat.
We saw a cute cute cute red dress with polka dots and an adorable cardi with lady beetles. Joe's shop has so many cute things in it. I could have bought a heap! But budget restrictions booooooo she had the pink handbag I was after, the mint cardigan and several dresses but luckily most were not my size. Phew!

Joe pulled out the cutest dress I have ever seen!!! Buttons all the way down and POCKETS!!! It was Hell bunny but not one I was familiar with . The "Peggy Sue" Why has it fallen under my radar before? Joe's prices are so cheap when compared to Sydney and also even online prices.

Totally thrilled.

Of course it takes one small thing to spoil a day. :-( Sigh.

If only it were true.



  1. I saw those Mr Men things and wrote about them last weekend. :)

    Adding you to my feed reader. :) Awesome blog you have here.

  2. That's very kind. I'll have to look you up.

  3. Kazza the Blank One08 October, 2014 08:11

    I love Bunnings runs :)


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