Aussie Curves - Fears exposed

This week's challenge was Fears exposed.
I have a few fears mostly related to dentists.. but that aside.. I fear bankruptcy.. I have been a lunatic recently ... I am going to sell my stuff to pay for my stuff...


OK in myself and my body, I fear my belly showing and my fat legs. I chose legs for this challenge as I used the Body positivity to deal with my belly issues.

I have never, ever in my life worn a short dress. Ever. Up until this year a dress itself as a high paranoia factor for me but as August and september have proven, I got over this. I spent my teen years in jeans as I feared my legs. I hate them . They were red and splocthy. Didn't matter what I did. If I was running, I was wearing long running tights.  Even in the height of summer. My husband was very supportive at this time and encouraged me in one QLD event to wear running shorts.  Once.

To face my fear... I purchased two skater dresses. I wore one today and I didn't end society. I also didn't die. Hmmmm Maybe I am wrong about my legs.. They do hold me up....

I went for my 6km walk and I wore.. short shorts.. And I danced in the street. Yes I really did. People were looking and I didn't care. The dress of the day seemed to snap something in my brain.

SO .. here are my skater dress and my short shorts. ( I have included a pic from yesterday as I didn't take a pic today of the overalls. I wore them privately in my husband's car to take photos and when I got out of the car, the sheep didn't panic.  )

Now I am addicted I think.. OO an over 40s lady in a short dress!! I'll scandalise Junee society. :-) 

Dress - K-mart size 16
Overalls - K-mart size 14 (oooo)
Belt - Kitty deluxe in Unanderra xl size
Necklace from Jayjays but not on the web site anymore. (Sorry)


  1. I've seen more fat on a butcher's apron. ;) Your legs are lovely. But I know we are all our own worst critics so what I think isn't important. It's how you see yourself.

  2. Oh PLUSSEE :-P
    and yes. Its what I see in the mirror but yes.. its a long journey but hey!!! Improving heaps this year. xoxoxo


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