Aussie curves- my closet

Oops thought I had written  this already.  I was in Thailand when I started the post and it seemed to not get published.  So my closet in Thailand as I am now in a hostel waiting for a train from Perth to Sydney tomorrow

my closet.
I am at a the Mangosteen Resort in Phuket, Thailand. It's over 30C and the air is (as Egaeus stated once)  breathable water.  Instant seat add soon as you Walk out of the room to the patio.  Ugh....  The tropics indeed.  Still my closet is pretty... Lots of hell bunny in here..

Now a week later.. My jeans are back on and no longer screwed up forgotten on the shelves as Perth is cold and wet! 

Onwards to Sydney now, where I am told it's even colder!  Brrr


  1. Lovely tattoos! I hope they heal well. x x

  2. Thanks Leah, travelling in the tropics with fresh tattoos is tough.. Itch itch itch.. But totally worth it. If I can just not scratch... Argh

  3. Was very pretty. These are all phone shots. The humidity though made it exhausting to do anything.


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