Thursday, September 11, 2014

Aussie Curves - Tee

Hmm Tee.. T-shirts? I adore T-shirts. I have a huge collection of t-shirts that are all too big now and a few only now that fit. For the most part I use the K-mart $4 black shirts as they give me a good shape and show off my assets.. they also go from 8 -20 in size. I have heaps ..

Otherwise I have tattoo shirts and nautical shirts. 

I love to mix my tat shirts with the skirts from Hell bunny or the plain shirts go with anything..So easy to dress up or just toss on with jeans. Perfect and if you get it ripped or damaged.. they are $4! Total win.
My grey shirt is a terrific favourite, it slides down a shoulder and can be very sassy :-)

Being a night shift worker I live in my jeans so having cute shirts are a way of expressing my style but still stay comfortable. Long hours mean comfort is all important.




  1. Yes! Mixing a simple black tee top with a colorful skirt is totally my 'go to' outfit! I really love the hello kitty tee too ! :D

  2. oh yes. cant go wrong with a simple dark tee.

  3. Wow lady, you are a t-shirt QUEEN! I'm also uber envious of all your Hell Bunny pieces. You look so smokin' :)

  4. Thanks! Xoxoo
    I was only just reading your entry! I love it!


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