Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dealing with minor withdrawl

Well this has been an interesting experience. Only been on the drug for a short time and I have been tapering as the doctor suggests but hell. I have had uncontrollable crying fits. Seriously. Back also to unpredictable mood swings BUT only mild when compared to last time.

Ok I'm whining.

I just hate bursting into tears late at night. Feeling down.. getting paranoid that my loved ones hate me because they have lives without me.. its all so very very stupid. My rational brain is getting frustrated at the rest of my brain.

To keep busy.. I dabbled in cleaning... I even moved my car out of its carport to the lawn then,... I surrounded the car with stuff I tossed out of the house.

My mother came over to keep me busy.. We started on one place.. I would have a flame out and she calmly moved us to another part of the house. If I had been alone I would have just given up and hidden in my pillow fort. It was good to have someone direct my frustration into something useful. 

We took a heap of stuff to charity, but as we are both shift workers, we had forgotten that they were closed. Boo.

We did make a very unpleasant find. We moved the broken snake cages from the house and under one, the one that killed my snake when the heat mat exploded... we discovered how very lucky I was not to lose the house. 

My bench is burnt right through. When we moved the cage all I could say was holy crap! One more thing to renovate now.. the kitchen.  SIGH. 
I covered it with a vase of flowers. 

Looked at the tip costs but neither mother or I had the cash so, for now, my carport is a rubbish storage until the council cleanup. 

All in all a fairly positive day. 

Even got milk and mother has me eating Chia. **mind boggles** I do prefer just yoghurt but hey why not try new things. :-) 

Onwards to a better week. I hope. 

I was starving! Well earned lunch.

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